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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beware Black Eyed Children

They mostly come out at night. Small children with eyes as black as the darkness cast over the city at sunset. These children are evil, some say. That they live only to possess you. They overpower you and consume your soul... Or so the legend has it.

When researching these stories of the Black Eyed Children, there is usually one thing in common with all of them...and that is the original report done by  journalist Brian Bethel on January 16, 1998. He reported being approached by two small children about a possible ride to a telephone. He says he could feel their evil, and refused. When he did, the children grew more and more agitated and demanding, when he finally drove out of sight. The only thing these children had in common, was their black eyes.

IF you were to see one of these Black Eyed Children, you are never supposed to invite them in. In to your car, in to your home, in to your life, or they will enter your soul.

One story :
Kerrie Kisner hadn’t intended to stop at the Triangle Town Center mall on her way home from Wake Tech Community College near Raleigh, North Carolina, but she did. She wished she hadn’t.

“There were very few people there that day and found it strangely eerie how quiet it was,” Kisner, 20, said. “While walking back to my car I rounded a corner and saw an older lady and a young boy. He immediately caught my attention because he was so odd looking, I had never seen anyone like him.”

The boy, about twelve years old, seemed average at first, but as Kisner watched him talk with the woman, he seemed anything but average. The boy’s black hair contrasted sharply with his pale skin; dark patches hung under his eyes. “It looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks,” Kisner said. “He had a very thin face.”

As Kisner walked closer to the pair, she heard their conversation. In a quiet, but strong voice, the boy asked the woman for help. “He stood very rigid with his hands by his sides looking at the ground as she fished around in her purse for something to give to him,” Kisner said. “As I got closer I noticed he seemed to get more and more uncomfortable.”

The boy began to shift his body when Kisner passed them on her way to her car, then he lifted his head and made eye contact with her. “I froze. His eyes were black as night, very dull, almost dead,” Kisner said. “The look he gave me has haunted me. The feeling I got from him was as though he wasn’t all there, almost ghostly.”

Eyes locked on Kisner’s, the boy turned slowly and not waiting for the older woman to give him what she dug for in her purse for, simply walked away. Kisner doesn’t know who, or what the boy was, but this memory will stick with her forever. “Ever since then the look he gave me has haunted me,” she said. “Almost like he knew what I had been thinking.”

What was this individual Kisner saw at the mall in Raleigh?

Many people don't quite know what to call these children. Are they evil entities? Are they the devil himself? Some even believe that these children are vampires.

We may not be able to say exactly what these children are, but we do know that once you come into contact with one, you can sense their evil.

More to Come...

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